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Science Resources

Weather is everywhere and a permanent part of our lives. It can both beautiful and destructive so it is important for us to understand it. In the Weather Watch unit, students will learn about different types of weather, the instruments we use to measure it and how we are able to predict weather-or-not it will be a snow day (yes, pun intended).

Wetlands play an important role in our ecosystem and students will be investigating the living and non-living components of these dynamic areas. From the types of wetland ecosystems that exist to the plants and animals that call them home, students will engage in an in-depth study as they work towards a strong and meaningful appreciation for the role of wetlands in our daily lives.

Types of Wetlands [What is a wetland?]

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When you think of Science, you think of mad scientists, puffs of smoke, mixing and combining things together while bolts of lightning spark and then... Frankenstein lives!! Okay, so we won’t be bringing the dead back to life but we will be getting our mad scientist on. We’ll be dissolving and mixing things, creating crystals, evaporating things, and testing different chemical reactions. Welcome to our lab!

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From circuits to light bulbs, computers to lightning, the impact of electricity and magnetism in our world is huge! In this unit, students will have a hands on experience where we learn all about the shocking world of electricity and magnetism. We will be building electrical circuits, experimenting with batteries, how electricity is produced and the importance of electromagnetism. Time to get our zap on! (oh and just remember to not put that fork in the plug).

Launch Interactive

Explore how climate change is impacting the lives of those living in the Marshall Islands. This is an interactive resource with interviews, videos and powerful visuals that makes clear the impact of our daily choices.