Lovin' It - February Update

Monday, February 6, 2023 6:43 PM

We have had some fun times wrapping up different units in January and are looking forward to some invigorating new projects and activities in February. This last week, there was an amazing assembly where we were introduced to our elder - Grandma Faye HeavyShield and her daughter Hali HeavyShield. 

Important Dates

Thursday Feb 16 - Teachers Convention - NO SCHOOL

Friday Feb 17 - Teachers Convention - NO SCHOOL

Monday Feb 20 - Family Day - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday Feb 21 - Grade 5 Trip to Telus Spark

Wed Feb 22 - Pink Shirt Day


A reminder to please pay school fees either online on PowerSchool or in person at the office.  We are asking if you can please pay for our Telus Spark trip which is on February 21st. Deadline to pay is Monday Feb 13th.  This will help us determine if the trip is a go ahead or not in advance. Thank you!

Language Arts

We have practised using specific vocabulary (through paired adjectives, strong verbs, and adding 2 part conjunctions) to add interest to our writing.  We worked on creating more complex sentences through rearranging participle and prepositional phrases, and are beginning to plan our Superhero paragraphs. Students will describe an event from the perspective of their favourite superhero. We continue to practise reading comprehension skills through the Read Theory website and working with various non-fiction texts within our Social Studies research.  

Social Studies

We are continuing to explore Canada’s First Peoples and how the Indigenous way of life was affected by where they lived in Canada. Students are creating models, either on the computer or by hand, that reflect the information they discovered through their research. Once we finish the models we will be looking into early explorers and what life was like in New France.


We have begun our work on multiplication and division. They will master double digit multiplication and then we turn our attention to long division, using the DMSB algorithm. As a review and introduction, students reviewed the concepts and vocabulary shared in this video, Multiplication and Division of Small Numbers. While learning and mastering their basic facts is important at all times, it is particularly important with multiplication and REALLY important when working with long division.  

For multiplication, feel free to use these resources while supporting your child as they work to master the algorithm and build their confidence.


Classes 51-54 have begun looking at electricity. For the electricity unit your child is encouraged to bring in a D size battery to keep at school and use throughout the unit.

Homerooms 51-54 have begun studying Electricity & Magnetism. They are flying through our Electricity & Magnetism unit at a “shocking” pace (haha). Students began by exploring what electricity is, and will soon begin understanding circuits, identifying materials that are conductors and insulators and how batteries work. This week we’ve been focusing on the core concepts of what electricity is and how electrons flow. Students will eventually master the ability to  build different circuits (series or parallel) based on the advantages and disadvantages they possess while also exploring how we use switches and resistors to solve everyday problems. From there we will move into an exploration of magnetismhow magnetism workshow we can harness this powerful force and even create magnets with electricity. For any and all information or resources on the unit, please explore the links in the Electricity & Magnetism section of the website as well as those shared on the Electricity & Magnetism Web Links page.