Finish Line Approaching - April Update

Friday, April 6, 2018 3:21 AM

April is exciting. Major League Baseball is back and (apparently) spring is supposed to start (not sure what is going on with that one though…) With Spring Break behind us we’re in the final push to the end of the year. We’ve got lots to do and it’s going to be one heck of a ride. Here’s a quick run down of what we have going on.

Important Dates

Wednesday, April 18th – Spirit Day (Crazy Hair Day)

Thursday, April 19th – Fun Lunch (Edo)

Thursday, April 19th – Visit from author Marty Chan

Friday, April 20th – PD Day (no school for all students)

Thursday, April 26th – Volunteer Tea

Language Arts

We finished “A Wrinkle in Time” right before springbreak, and will end the year with two novels by Gordon Korman. The first one we are reading is called “Restart”, and it tells the story of an eighth grade football champ who suffers from amnesia after falling off his roof. As well as being a football jock, he was also not exactly the nicest guy and not a alot of people have a great opinion of him. However, this character remembers nothing about who he was due to amnesia. We have just begun reading the novel but have already had many interesting discussions about the main characters.

Students have completed the rough drafts of their stuck stories and are now working on typing these final copies on Google Docs. Since Google Docs is also available at home, students are encouraged to share their progress with their parents as they complete these stories. This also means that students will have their own “shrunk” photos taken, and I am really looking forward to seeing the end product. They have been “green screened” and they will be learning some photo editing techniques to make the magic happen.


We have almost  completed our unit on Shape and Space, as students are looking at the three different types of Transformations (Translations, Rotations and Reflections). We will then begin working with fractions and decimals, learning how fraction and decimal can show the same value and practising how we can compare and order decimals and fractions. This also entails finding equivalent fractions and decimals and understanding that process. We’ll review and practise once again how to read and write decimals according to their placement on the Place Value Chart. From there we’ll focus on the ideas of decimal equivalency and converting from fractions to decimals and vice versa..  Students will work with fractions that have both like and unlike denominators and decimals will go up to the thousandths place value. Lastly, students will learn to add and subtract with decimals. Practicing basic facts nightly should continue to be a priority.


Walter White is back in the classroom and frankly, I’m pumped. Classroom Chemistry is one of my favourite units in Science. We get to make a mess, blow things up, mix chemicals together and really just explore the chemistry of our world. It’s awesome. First things first though, we’ve started understanding the different States of Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas). Beyond knowing these terms, we’re focused on understanding how depending on the state of a substance, its atoms and molecules will be moving faster or slower and will be more densely packed or more spread out. We’re going to learn the Scientific Method and then become experts at being ‘Like, OMG, For Real Scientists!’

This will let us then prove and explore the two main types of Mixtures - homogeneous and heterogeneous. Quickly to be followed by separating mixtures, and then acids & bases. It’s right around Acids & Bases time that things get awesome and explode-y as we demonstrate reversible and irreversible changes. Anyways, feel free to explore the Chemistry Web Links and the other chemistry resources on the Science Resources page.

Social Studies

You no longer need to worry about your child getting a job. As of this week, they’ve all have joined the NWMP (North West Mounted Police) and will be working to protect the west from dangerous whiskey traders and other criminals. With all recruits beginning at the rank of constable, there are many opportunities for advancement (constable -> corporal -> sergeant) based on good behaviour and “conduct becoming of an officer” (yes, demotions are possible). Each troop (aka table group) will be commanded by a sergeant and they will be responsible for managing their troops, following the orders of their illustrious, brave and highly decorated leader Sergeant Major Polsky. As the commanding officer of Fort Macleod (formerly known as Room 17), I pledge to restore the rule of law to the chaotic reaches of this “Fish Creek School”. God Save the King!

As part of this unit, we will explore the history of the NWMP, and how the NWMP changed Canadian history. With all students divided into their own troops, with some being promoted to corporal or even sergeant, we learned what a day in the life of an NWMP constable was like. We will research and understand their difficult Great March West and what it really meant to be The Force in the North.


Thank you to all of you who made it out to the Outdoor School presentation last week. We are really excited about this opportunity and can’t wait for it to arrive. We know every one of the kids will have a great time. With anything, please let me know if you have any questions. 


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